GPS TechTracker

Automatic Alerts

Proactive improvement in the performance and safety of your fleet 

We value your time and understand that you cannot always be in charge of monitoring your fleets; in this case the automatic alerts are your best allies for the administration of your business.

The configuration of automatic alerts will be done according to the policies of your company and will be activated whenever any of the drivers does not comply with the established rules, which will give you time in making decisions to manage your business.

Monitoring speed limits

Correcting inappropriate driving behaviors, such as speeding and braking, is critical for reducing unnecessary risks and wasting fuel.

The analysis of driving habits performed by our GPS tracking software activates automatic alerts in real time, allowing you to identify and correct any irregularities in the driving of your vehicles in a timely manner.

The proper driving of your vehicles generates a safe working environment, improves the performance of the fleet and can reduce insurance rates.

Track idle time

GPS TECH TRACKER vehicle tracking software monitors the idle time of your fleets; you can reduce unnecessary downtime, thanks to the alert that is activated every time the allowed limit is met.

Control established geographical limits.

The configuration of the geographical limits allowed for each unit to be predetermined by the GPS TECH TRACKER software.

Here you establish the reference points that will guide the activity of the driver in his route, this will promote the fulfillment of the optimized routes and will keep the fleets in their tasks, otherwise will generate alerts with detailed reports on the activity of the driver.

Avoid unauthorized use of your fleet

 GPS TECH TRACKER solutions with permanent monitoring, prevents the unauthorized use of your fleet vehicles.

We can configure alerts in case of unauthorized movement.

The registration obtained thanks to our driver time tracking software contributes to accurately totalize the hours worked by each driver.