GPS TechTracker

Lifetime Warranty

We are confident on the quality of our products so we offer a lifetime warranty, free of charge, on all of our products. Each GPS tracker goes through several levels of quality control and testing before being shipped and our products are designed to last for many years.

We will replace any defective unit at no cost to you as long as you are a current user of our service.

Things our warranty will cover:

  • Manufacturing or software defects.
  • Equipment failure, as long as the failure is not the result of misuse.

Things that our warranty will NOT cover:

  • Devices that stop working after they have been opened or handled.
  • Devices that stop working if the software is edited by the end user.
  • Devices that were used for any purpose for which they were not intended. (For example, use a car tracker on a jet ski or connect a GPS tracker to equipment that does not work with the correct electrical amperage).
  • Damaged devices.
  • Lost, stolen or lost devices.

How to replace a GPS tracker under warranty

If you have any problems with any of our GPS Tracking devices or software, call GPS TechTracker customer service at (888) TEC-TRAC, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. at 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

We will provide you with instructions to return the GPS Tracker that does not work. Once we have verified that the damage is not due to abuse and that your account is up to date, a replacement tracker or a repaired tracker will be set up and sent to you free of charge.


All GPS trackers shipped under warranty replacement will be inspected upon receipt for damage, misuse and handling, provided the GPS tracker meets the covered criteria mentioned above.

If the device falls within the uncovered points, you will have to pay for the replacement of the tracking hardware.