GPS TechTracker

Geo Fence

GPS TECH TRACKER has characteristics that make vehicle management friendly and efficient process.

Our fleet tracking technology is able to keep a vehicle permanently located in any area.

We give you access so that you can create geo-targeted areas and through these assign your vehicles to a certain geo fence.

The use of automatic alerts, informs you accurately the entry and exit of your vehicles to the established geo fence, you can also access this data in our GPS TECH TRACKER report control panel.

Monitoring specific places is possible thanks to GPS satellite mapping, because it allows an easily locations in real time. Our software allows you to highlight the poly lines on the highways and roads, to direct the movement of the fleet on the optimized routes.

The creation of geo fence can encompass whole regions, arranged for the personalized monitoring of assets, with constant updates on the movements of the fleets in the work locations, high traffic territories and the established routes.

The activity of the fleet can be monitored in real time in any geo fence with 10-second updates, so you can observe the repositioning of vehicles or receive automatic alerts every time two vehicles cross at a certain geo fence.

GPS TECH TRACKER has direct geo fences such as:

  1. Circle
  2. Polyline
  3. Polygon
  4. Rectangle