GPS TechTracker

Increase Fleet Productivity

Real-time information, provided by our GPS vehicle tracking software, is user-friendly and shows you the exact location of your vehicles at all times.

Keeping you informed about the activity of your fleet, gives you the opportunity to increase the productivity of your employees. 

Fleet management 

Active management of your vehicles requires access to real-time location information for monitoring.

GPS TECH TRACKER software gives you access to the calculation of the time it takes your workforce to complete tasks and meet each trip, this allows you to optimize the use of each day and complete more daily tasks.  

Optimize your routes

GPS TECH TRACKER solutions have the necessary tools to optimize the routes taken by the drivers of your fleet, with this you can increase the ability to make decisions based on accurate information.

The choice of the best route decreases the number of stops, therefore reduces the time lost, also gives you the information to minimize driving time and ensures early or timely arrival with your client. The punctual arrival of each unit with your clients, gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition by giving a better service, consequently exceed exceptions on your performance.