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Maintenance Fleetrun

 Fleetrun is an application designed to manage the process of vehicle maintenance, control the expenses associated with the operation of vehicles and, as a result, improve their performance. The application can be used by managers and engineers of fleets, individuals responsible for the material and technical resources, drivers and vehicle owners. to record the cost of repair work and minimise it due to well-timed service.

Why Fleetrun?

Mitigate the risk


Plan the workload bearing in mind how many vehicles are not running or will undergo the service shortly.

Examine the expenditures for each vehicle


Invest in the vehicles with high mileage but no breakdowns and give up those going out of order not even leaving the fleet yard.

Manage several fleets

Create the hierarchy of users and distribute the responsibilities among the workers with the help of access rights.

React in time

Analyze the fleet status — overdue services, financial and time expenditures. These characteristics can be improved upon timely reaction.

How it works?

Create a list of units

Specify service interval

Add services: works and spare parts

Analyze the maintenance process with the help of reports and notifications


List of units
Access to data on mileage, engine hours, services, and advanced information on each unit.

Automated service creation by time, mileage, and engine hours for the specified units.

Registration of works in the system: types, durations, spare parts, prices, and results.

Analysis of the performed services by fleets, units, and intervals.