GPS TechTracker

Real Time Tracking

Real-time tracking of your fleet

GPS TECH TRACKER is the best solution for managing an efficient fleet of vehicles.

We offer you real time management of drivers in each of the actions that may affect the efficiency of your service.

The update of the usage indicators is recorded every 10 seconds; you can see the geo-fencing in real time and identify at any time the exact location of each vehicle in your fleet.

 You will have available all the necessary information for the efficient management of your fleet, which optimizes the response capacity and the resolution of problems in your business.

GPS TECH TRACKER solutions are designed to help you reduce or eliminate all inefficiencies that may cost your company time and money; we recognize the importance of vehicles as assets in your business, so we help you to use it optimally.

GPS TECH TRACKER offers all the advantages and comforts of the digital world, you can access from your Smartphone to the updates of the location of your vehicle, registered every 10 seconds.

Our GPS tracking devices offer a precise location of the units.