GPS TechTracker


"I locate and control my vehicles with the highest technology. Improve security, eliminate losses and control the use of my units at all times."
Johanna Bateman
"Using the Gps we have increased the MPG performance by 18% annually for the last 3 years. "" We had a 'cartel' of drivers leaving the route during work hours to their home or personal errands"
Chris Butler
"We use the platform to move our mobile phones faster, we work 24 hours with the system and we can make our routes more efficient."
John E.
I am very happy with the service. I love the monitoring system and the app. helps me in schedules and planning thanks to the logistics application that porcierto is gratiuta .. I can not imagine that a company with 2 or more vehicles does not use this system.
Justin Bassett
The GPS Technology tracker system, in my point of view, is great! Our company works in the industry of the transport of electrodomesticos, when a truck is ignited and starts up, in the system begins with the tracking. On a large screen we see our units address their destinations in real time.
Jon Waterman
" When our customers ask, we know exactly where they are and how long our trucks will arrive at their destination. This is a great tool to improve our customer service, as we ensure control of our fleet."
Jason Stastny
Thanks to the use of the system I can find out where my units are and have a more efficient control of the route that each driver made, as well as knowing when the preventive maintenance is up to each unit.
Kari Price