GPS TechTracker

Driver Identification System

The assignment of the driver for each vehicle is an important step within your fleet, you need to keep a detailed control and record that allows you to know who is the assigned driver for each vehicle at all times, especially if your business rotates the assignments of the vehicles to the drivers.

The administration of your fleet must know when drivers have shared access to your vehicles; you can organize the schedule of assignments of drivers to vehicles through the GPS reporting tool.

You will easily and quickly access electronic driver identification records, through our mobile applications or with the GPS TECH TRACKER reporting panel.

Here you can record all the individual information of your drivers, plus all the important data that lead to know the time of entry and exit of each driver and the vehicle used, this function also allows you to keep the detailed record of the vehicles operated.

Our advanced tracking technology identifies each driver and keeps updated the record of their operating habits, where you can see their history in terms of compliance, complaints, damage to your vehicles and more.

If you require this system ask for the required equipment and update time available for that device.