GPS TechTracker

Minimize Fuel Costs

TECH TRACKER has at your disposal the vehicle tracking software, which provides you with the necessary data to verify the performance of your fleet and with these detect any improper conduct by the driver, during your work in a timely manner, which will allow you to do the necessary corrections.

Improper behavior of drivers can be expensive, you need proactive management of your fleet, to monitor the performance of drivers and avoid unintended consequences. This will increase the performance in saving time and money for your company.

Improper handling of your fleet wastes fuel and affects its efficiency. The prevention of improper handling by drivers is one of the main contributions of GPS tracking.

Fuel Sensors

Companies that have large fleets inevitably face fuel management issues and there is a sound reason for that: fuel costs often form a considerable part of total fleet expenses. In this case satellite monitoring system for fuel control is the ultimate solution for optimization of the expenditure account.

Fuel management system is based on data available from onboard computer or after-market fuel level sensors, installed in the fuel tank of a vehicle. Data transferred to tracking system allows detection of fuel thefts or unreasonably large fuel burn, as a result saving 15% or more on fuel costs and increase fleet efficiency by 30% or more. According to statistics, GPS TECH TRACKER satellite fleet tracking system implementation for fuel control pays for itself within 3-4 months.

Avoid speeding

The constant recording of the operational speed of your vehicles, by our GPS tracking software, detects the excess speed, generating automatic alerts in real time to correct this behavior in a timely manner.

You must bear in mind that speeding and constant braking are dangerous driving behaviors, which waste fuel and put at risk the safety of the unit, the drivers, among others; even if it happens for a few miles, you can detect it in time.

Unauthorized use of units

The real-time monitoring provided by GPS TECH TRACKER solutions covers the activity of your company’s vehicles 24/7, which rules out the possibility of unauthorized use of any unit in your fleet.

Reduce the engine idle time of your vehicles

The waste of fuel generated by an engine that is idling, can reach one gallon per hour. This problem can be controlled and solved with our software, because the monitoring of your vehicles includes the engine downtime.

Once the vehicles engine reaches the allowed time limit of inactivity, automatic alerts are generated.

The records are stored in detailed reports that help to totalize the downtime of the fleet, with this you can make decisions aimed at maximizing the performance on the road and increasing fuel savings.


The efficient choice of routes allows you to analyze and optimize the shortest and fastest routes between locations, which help you save money on fuel. Our GPS tracking system generates detailed reports of the routes taken by the drivers, so you can verify if they are using the recommended routes to increase fuel savings and generate less wear and tear on the vehicle, thereby reducing maintenance costs.