GPS TechTracker


Vehicle tracking by GPS TECH TRACKER is the best option for your fleet

It allows owners and managers to effectively and permanently monitor all of their vehicle or truck fleets, as well as give constant support to their drivers.

The benefits of GPS tracking software include your company, the operators of your fleet, each vehicle that integrates it and of course your customers; from the advantages provided by GPS TECH TRACKER, which include improvements in delivery times, maintenance alerts, cost reduction, among others.

We offer our customers the opportunity to observe their units in real time, thanks to our fleet management software, which shows the exact point where each vehicle is located from the historical overlap of the routes.

You can verify the exact path made by the drivers and the speeds driven at the time you want.

GPS TECH TRACKER gives you the opportunity to manage your company’s fleet, through the vehicle tracking system designed to improve your business in each of its operational aspects.

The achievement of the maximum efficiency of your fleets is the benefit par excellence of the use of tracking devices in your vehicles, efficiency obtained from the optimization of routes in order to reduce fuel consumption and driving time.

Our software continuously monitors the operational indicators of each unit, such as the speed records and the times when the engine remains inactive.

The automatic alerts system announces you when there are irregularities in each of the operational indicators, this allows you to monitor the behavior of the driver and focus the results towards a better service on arrival at your destinations.

The reduction of the operational costs of your fleet is part of the efficient management of your mobile assets; our APP-GPS TECH TRACKER software facilitates this process.

There are many options to choose from for the benefit of your company within our fleet management system, updated records of your vehicles activity and the behavior of the driver during the day.

As the owner you can monitor the activities of the employees during the day, the updates are executed every 10 seconds, obtaining the information in real time, all this record is ordered in our digital time sheets, which totalize the exact hours worked by each operator.

Our GPS TECH TRACKER software informs you about the location of your assets safely and accurately when you do not have someone on site to do it.